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3 NRB Members Work Together
to Share Christ in Kenya

Lulu FM Distribution - Mombasa_edited.jpg

Three NRB members, working with a local partner in Kenya, have provided a way for thousands of people to have access to Christian radio, the Bible, and Christian teaching in their heart language.

Galcom International, Guidelines International, and Your Network of Praise / New Life Africa Networks recently worked together to provide solar-powered, fixed-tuned radios which are tuned to the frequencies of Pearl FM and Lulu FM in Kenya. The units also have an MP3 player which includes the Swahili-language Bible, Swahili teaching programs produced by Guidelines International, and the Swahili-language version of Bonnie Sala’s Reset program, which is produced by Your Network of Praise’s translation center in Nairobi.

“As Philippians 2 says, there is nothing better than working together as like-minded brothers and sisters, in the same love and the same Spirit. Together, we can finish the task of bringing gospel access to those who are just waiting to hear!” said Bonnie Sala, President & CEO of Guidelines International.

Nelly Kagoru of Pearl FM / Lulu FM said “It was such a great joy to see the radios in people’s hands, so they can hear the word of God day to day. The excitement just warmed our hearts…we thank God for those who sacrificed so that these solar units reached people who much, much, needed them.”

Rev. Tim Whitehead, Executive Director of Galcom International, added “Everything we do at Galcom is in partnership with other mission agencies, churches and NGO’s. We recognize it takes the whole Church to accomplish the Great Commission so when we were approached to do our little part by providing solar radio receivers to a mission in Kenya we jumped at it. Knowing that YNOP through their New Life Radio Africa outreach and Guidelines were onboard we knew our partners on the ground had the help to provide good teaching content and do follow up. What a great partnership!”

Roger Lonnquist, President of Your Network of Praise / New Life Africa Networks said “the word of God has profoundly impacted and changed my life. It’s hard to think of people who are still waiting to hear, who won’t have access to God’s word, unless someone brings it to them. It has been a joy to work with Bonnie and Tim and their organizations to provide this gift to the people of Kenya.”

The radio / MP3 units were distributed in regions of Kenya including Kilifi County and Mombasa.

Bonnie Sala, Tim Whitehead, and Roger Lonnquist all serve on the NRB International Committee.

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