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In early 2011, the leadership of Your Network of Praise was introduced to Bishop Eliudi Issangya of the International Evangelism Outreach of Sakila, Tanzania.

We instantly realized the common goals the leadership of both ministries shared...simply, to share the gospel of Jesus everywhere God directs!

Bishop Eliudi shared his long-time dream of operating a Christian radio station to share Christ's message of hope and salvation to large numbers of people in east Africa very simply and cost-effectively.

It was evident that IEO and YNOP were to work together to establish this station! YNOP's Technical Director, Ron Huckeby, and his wife Susan made multiple trips to Tanzania to do groundwork and build the station, and on December 3, 2015, New Life Radio Network, 96.7FM at Boma Ng'ombe was on the air!

We thank God for the opportunity to share Jesus with listeners throughout this important region of Tanzania, and we thank those who have made it possible through their prayer and financial support of New Life Radio Network!

ImpaX Players on the Way to Northern Tanzania!

We are very excited to announce that all 1,000  ImpaX Player have made it through customs and are soon to be distributed!

Each ImpaX player contains:

  • A radio fixed-tuned to New Life Radio Network

  • Swahili MP3 New Testament

  • Message from Bishop Eliudi Issangya

The ImpaX Players are compact and lightweight, built in a durable case, and operate from an internal battery which can be charged by the solar panel on the back of the player.

Distribution of the players will enable thousands more to hear the hope of the gospel in the New Life Radio listening area!

Bishop ELiudi with boxes of Go Tell Radios


We are very grateful to be able to report that all 1,700 ImpaX Players and Go Tell radios that we recently sent to Tanzania have arrived safely and made it through customs!


The work of distributing these amazing radios now begins!

1,000 ImpaX Players are to be distributed by the staff of New Life Radio Network in northern Tanzania. Each unit has a radio tuned to 96.7FM, a Swahili-language audio New Testament, and a message from Bishop Eliudi Issangya.

700 Go Tell radios, tuned to Radio Uhai's channel of 94.1FM will be distributed throughout the Tabora Region!

We pray God will use these radios to reach many for Christ in the days ahead!


We have completed much of the groundwork to complete the next major expansion of the work in Tanzania, and beyond...the New Life Africa Satellite Network will launch on May 1, 2021, and provide Christian programming in Swahili and English to more than 40 countries across Africa by satellite, and will also be heard online, and through Apps for Android and iPhone.

​It is our prayer that many millions of people in Africa will have the opportunity to hear of the love Jesus has for them as they listen to the New Life Africa Satellite Network!



Please pray as we begin to distribute ImpaX Players throughout  the New Life Radio listening area!


Go Tell radios tuned to Radio Uhai 94.1FM! Please pray God will use these radios to reach many!


Please pray the heart of each listener to be prepared to hear and receive the gospel message as they hear it.


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