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New Life Africa is the international division of Your Network of Praise (YNOP), a non-denominational ministry which operates a network of more than 60 radio stations and translators in the American states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and Utah.

NEW LIFE RADIO 96.7FM - Boma Ng'ombe

Working in partnership with the International Evangelism Outreach, a ministry based in the Republic of Tanzania, YNOP built New Life Radio 96.7FM. The station debuted on December 3, 2015, and is now proclaiming the good news of Jesus from its transmitter site & studios in Boma Ng'ombe.

​RADIO UHAI 94.1FM - Tabora
Radio Uhai (Life Radio) debuted in 2017, founded by Dr. Deus Kanunu, a resident of Tabora. On June 1, 2020, YNOP began providing assistance in funding the work of Radio Uhai in order to ensure the long-term success of this vital ministry which potentially reaches up to 1.5 million people in the Tabora Region of Tanzania.




Roger Lonnquist serves as the Network General Manager of Your Network of Praise, and in that capacity oversees the operations of New Life Africa. He is a career broadcaster, working in secular radio & TV since 1979. He began service to YNOP as a member of the board of directors in 1989, has been a member of the staff since 1999, and has been in his current role since 2006. His passion is to see all Christians join in fulfilling the Great Commission right now by devoting themselves to knowing God, and actively seeking His plan for their brief time on earth.

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Bishop Eliudi is the founder and President of the International Evangelism Outreach. After graduating from the San Diego School of Ministry, Eliudi returned to Tanzania and founded the IEO, a ministry based in Tanzania which operates a training school for pastors and numerous other schools, an orphanage, church planting work, medical outreaches, and more. As President of the IEO, Bishop Eliudi is the primary overseer of the New Life Radio Network and works with YNOP's leadership on the development of further outreach through New Life Radio.




Dr. Deusdedit C. Kanunu is the founder and Manager of Radio Uhai, a 24/7 Christian radio station in the Tabora Region of Tanzania. A lifelong resident of Tabora and son of a local pastor, Deus's desire to see the residents of the Tabora Region reached with the good news of Jesus by radio led to the establishment of Radio Uhai in 2017. On June 1, 2020, YNOP began providing support to Radio Uhai in order for its excellent ministry to be strong and secure for the long-term. Deus has a vision to use radio to reach all of Tanzania with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Joseph Kebbie has a passion to see his continent transformed through Christ, and desires to use powerful, relevant, and life changing Christian media in that quest. Joseph studied video and radio production at Media Village in South Africa. Since then he has served in various roles with in Africa with Reach Beyond, Christianityworks and PraiseLive. Joseph is now serving with New Life Africa as director for the launch of the New Life Satellite Network, providing valuable experience in how to use radio to reach the people of Africa for Christ.



We are very grateful to be able to report that all 1,700 ImpaX Players and Go Tell radios that we recently sent to Tanzania have been distributed to people throughout northern Tanzania and the Tabora region!


1,000 ImpaX Players were distributed by the staff of New Life Radio Network in northern Tanzania. Each unit has a radio tuned to 96.7FM, a Swahili-language audio New Testament, and a message from Bishop Eliudi Issangya.


700 Go Tell radios, tuned to Radio Uhai's channel of 94.1FM were distributed throughout the Tabora Region by the Radio Uhai staff!

We pray God will use these radios to reach many for Christ in the days ahead!



We praise the Lord that all 1,000 Impax Players that were sent to Tanzania have been distributed!

Galcom - African with Go Tell Radio - Cr


Now that distribution is complete, please pray with us God will touch many hearts through Radio Uhai!


New Life Africa

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WhatsApp - English:  +254 798 661 071

WhatsApp - Swahili:  +255 685 322 665

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Please pray the heart of each listener to be prepared to hear and receive the gospel message as they hear it.